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Character Information

Full Name: Alex Black
Age: 26 Standard Years
Birth Date: 15 Elona, 4 BrS
Species: Human (Mixed)
Planet of Origin: Coruscant
Faction: The Independents
Organization: Hunter's Guild
Position: Carbonite Frozen.
Title: Count of House Black
Ship: Gold Shadow
Family Personal
Mother: Selene Black Height: 5' 8"
Father: Merek Black Weight: 153 pounds
Siblings: Selena Black (Deceased) Hair Color: Glossed Black
Spouse: None Eye Color: Golden Black
Fiancé: Luna Knight (Deceased) Alignment: Dark Side
Children: Lana Black (Adopted)


Charismatic in politics as well as leadership, but distant in almost all else, it is difficult to speak with this man when one meets him. War has left him unlike his former self, and his passions have turned him to a whole new path, which is rarely spoken about, if one can even manage to make him talk on it. Those that used to know him can notice the change which has transpired, it has made him into a man that is no longer who he once was, save for what little past he holds to his memories.


Gather Info: 15 or IC Knowledge.

The knowledge of this man is one that is surrounded in mystery. Once a respected noble of Coruscant who was engaged to his fiance' Luna Knight, he became a skilled soldier in the Clone Wars, even managing to earn his own command. However, once the war was finished, not much was heard from him. Then he arose once more as a Commander in the Outer Rim Republic when it formed. After engaging in many conflicts that were met with success, few with failure, he became the Senator of Spreon V where he pushed Imperial legislation. It was then that a mysterious rumor arose that became known as truth. His fiance' was resurrected, but he was said to be in service to a Force entity. A thrall. Eventually, his fiance' passed again, and it is said he gave up his positions so that he could pursue a career as a Republic Knight and also adopt a daughter named Lana Black. It is know he's been chased out of the Republic and is wanted for crimes. He currently still works as a bounty hunter and also mercenary.


He has a reputation in the Republic as a former Commander, Senator, and Knight of skill. He once was quite important in the securing of Sullust from the Taung Forces. Though due to situations that are not known to the public, many currently view him to be a criminal and Imperial sympathizer, however due to his nature, there are still a fair few who would speak well of him, most especially those that he has funded to keep the economy up.

He is known to the Imperials as the Count of House Black, and a possible contender to take House Knight for a merge due to what was supposed to be both a political and romantic marriage to his fiance' Luna Knight. Public opinion varies, as he was an Imperial voice in the Republic Senate. Besides his title which is esteemed upon both Coruscant and Alderaan, there is little reputation to speak of besides those related to the Republic.

Hunter's Guild
He is well known as a Senior Hunter in the Guild. Before his License was given he had assisted another bounty hunter, and was then sponsored in when he sought to become one for himself. The hunts that he takes on are usually the kind which involve priority targets with an excessive bounty. There are rumors that he also seeks to join the Mantis within the Guild. It is also said he has a few relationships with the Guild which have become difficult to keep due to a bounty on him from Republic space.

He is known on the DarkNet as 'Blaze', but there is little to link the man with the alias which he uses. He is rumored to be a skilled hacker and elite in the acquisition of knowledge through both the HoloNet and DarkNet. He is said to take orders for equipment if people are able to put the credits forth for it. Usually, this is handled with proxies though.

He is known as a Republic war criminal with a bounty on him for 40,000 credits, however few approach him about this within the criminal scene due to his strength and connection with the Hunter's Guild. Criminal circles seem to notice that he has recently been acquiring members to form a new gang.


Gang Members


  • 5 CL1 Heroic Soldier Members
  • 5 CL1 Non-Heroic Members

Service Record

Service Record
  • N/A
Clone Wars
  • Assisted in many battles over the course of his career. Was promoted from a field officer to commander.
  • Fought in multiple missions that took place on Alderaan, including the one where his fiance' passed away.
  • Was tortured by the Confederacy while he was an officer in the war, which changed him quite a bit socially.

Character Relationships

The Unknown
Old Master I find you a curious enigma in this Galaxy. Worthwhile, even.
Abeloth I will find a way to assist in defeating you. But, I still pity you.
Daughter I am curious about your actions that day, so many aeons ago.
Son Well, you are the oddest of the bunch, I think. Wonder what you're like in person.
Father Your words were right, but still, you drove her away.
Garm Bel Iblis I respect the Republic's leader, but I don't think all his decisions have been right.
Alshayn I care for the woman, and she is the Second Knight. Still, there are things that I can't tell her.
Aseni I don't know what to make of the newest Republic Knight. She is a bit quiet.
Aeneas I remember stories about him. I wish I'd known him better when I was on Alderaan.
Sorana Pryde I have met this woman before, and she is truly worthy to be called a Daughter of Mandalore.
Skritt I like this mechanic, always willing to assist, and brings business to Sullust.
Galactic Empire
Ilena I wish for another dance. Ours was beautiful, Inquisitor.
Mas Amedda I think you have quite the political mind, with the most curious adoration for artifacts.
Abraham I understand him a little bit better now, but does one trust those that wish power only for themselves?
Flowers I think you are charming, and a little bit more intelligent than you let on. Politics are curious.
Raven She is both a Commander and Governor for Dac. I think of the woman as a friend.
Markus Zeth A bounty hunter as well as mercenary that I've met. He was the sponsor for me to join the Hunter's Guild.
Vader I knew about the man from the Clone Wars. As Vader though, I wish for little more than to defeat this Sith.
Kamali An Imperial. I like the Shistavanen, but she seems to be unshakable in her loyalty.
Aleksa I trust the Queen of Alderaan, but at the same time there is something else about her. Still, a friend.
Amira I think you are quite fun to be around. Party animal.
Covenant of Twilight
Risi I still have a small amount of respect for her, but I think many of her actions are detestable.
Vytha I've met the woman a few times, and she seems to have her mind in the right place, if aloof.
Eyon'vala I will assist the woman with what she needs, but on my own merits.
Red I think you are quite the curious woman. What is it that you seek?
Nieve I am sorry about shooting you on accident, but you did try to return the favor, with less kindness.
Daimon You have nice jokes, but usually that is better reserved for one-liners that aren't in the middle of battle.
Seria I think you can be a bit reckless, but I also think that sometimes you have a point.
Jori I don't trust the woman anymore, and I'm no longer her student. Still, I wish to see her.
Iskierka I think that this Chiss is a most curious woman, however we have in common a respect for technology.
Selune I trust her, she is a servant to House Black. She is not around much, but she is always nice to talk with.
Kendrick I do not much care for some of the things this Imperial Noble Knight has said.
Tolssk I don't trust you. We will meet again sometime, but it will be on the battlefield, more than likely.
Tixali I find her to be kind, but she is also an Imperial loyalist that does not like my own views.
Danica I like this Bounty Hunter, she is quite intelligent. She makes for a useful connection in business as well.
Jowryyhn I think of him like a friend. I wish he would take the mantle of Guildmaster back up.
Aris I know we are from quite different worlds, but I still understand people.
Felicia I think you are just a little bit too excited about the galaxy.
Zash I think you might need to learn a little more about how the galaxy works.
Ryniaca Helrak I like the way in which you handle your business. But I know there is more to you.
Aji I think you are quite interesting to be honest, a rarity in this galaxy sometimes.
Vera You are unusual for a former Jedi. You seem to understand what I've explained to you.
Zoheleth I think it would be wonderful if we could become business partners.
Jedi Remnant
Ahsoka Tano I am satisfied that you have survived. Perhaps we will meet, and I will have my answers.
Einara I have come to trust her, even though she was a member of the Confederacy. Intelligent. Inspiring.
Rolen Korsh You showed me kindness. I respect that, and remember it. And I'm happy that you are safe.
Lana Black I love my adopted daughter. Luna and me were meant to adopt her together.
Selena Black My dear sister. As a Jedi, it was you or me. I am sorry.
Sarol Vaan You are my brother, Sarol Vaan. And I wish you peace in the Force.
Mace Windu I am sorry, Mace Windu. I wish you were still around to answer me.
Luna Knight I still wish that you would come back, but... Would it be worth it?
Maltorus I don't know what to think because we still needed to talk.
Character Info Box:
Themes:   Romance, The Sith, The Force, Conflict, Tradition, War, Technology, Artifacts, Research, Starships.
  • Black has the tendency to drink a lot, which is usually alcohol, but he has been known to acquire tea and kahve.
  • Black follows the path of the Dark Side, but there is quite a bit of conflict within him about why he follows this path.
  • Black is known to be skilled with hacking, and he often creates his gear through mechanical processes when he's able.
  • Black used to be a Jensaarai when their Order was still new, as such he has met many of them, and knows a lot about their origins as well as their views.
  • Black was once a commander in the Clone Wars, then he was one for the Outer Rim Republic, and next was a Republic Knight. He has quite a bit of experience with war.
  • Black often can be found on Nar Shaddaa, although it is a bit difficult to understand why he is there. Either way, he is there and still works as a Bounty Hunter.




Hook, Line, and Sinker September 9th, 2016 Zash goes fishing for a free meal and catches a bounty hunter instead.
Strange Brush Off September 8th, 2016 Snow encounters a wandering Black who seems a bit... 'off'.
Dark Confrontations August 17th, 2016 Rynn confronts someone from his past, and then is confronted by Black.
The Red August 10th, 2016 A few daring people prepare for a final confrontation between the criminal... and the criminal.
Two Encounters August 7th, 2016 Two short encounters between Sergeant Kamali Amaris and Alex Black on Gamorr.
The Sleepers Wake August 1st, 2016 After a group of Stormtroopers investigating a missing salvage crew go missing, several force users converge upon a disturbance in the force...
Verdant Lightning - The Final Push July 31st, 2016 The Verdant Flame pushes forward!
Verdant Lightning - The Third Base July 30th, 2016 The Verdant Flame moves upon one of the outlying bases to ensure its destruction and halt any Taung reinforcements from reaching the 'Dark Reaper'.
Prodding for a Reaction July 25th, 2016 Black comes to Kassi for information on the current going's on, and realizes that the Dathomiri Witch likes messing with people.
Verdant Lightning - The Dreaded Naught July 23rd, 2016 A small crew moves to check out the strange crashlanded Taung dreadnaught.
Verdant Lightning - A Show of Force July 19th, 2016 Risi has a little spar to continue teaching those who will accept it.
Verdant Lightning - Assault on the Southern Base July 16th, 2016 The Verdant Flame move upon the Southern Taung base in preperations for the Western Throne assault.
Verdant Lightning - The Second July 16th, 2016 The Verdant Flame discusses their findings before moving out.
No Rest for a Soldier July 8th, 2016 Black encounters a surly Shistavanen and has a discussion about equipment and war.
Daughters and Deals July 6th, 2016 A group encounters Black and his daughter, and some dealing commences.
Verdant Lightning - Strategic Retreat June 28th, 2016 The Verdant charter is forced to temporarily retreat from Thule.
Verdant Lightning - Dreadnought June 26th, 2016 The Verdant group investigates the canyon Dreadnought.
Verdant Lightning - Healing June 26th, 2016 Seria comes from the Bacta Tank for some questioning, and the group meets the new team member - Aseni.
Verdant Lightning - Opening June 24th, 2016 The Verdant group lands upon Thule and makes its first discoveries.
Verdant Lightning - Crystal One June 24th, 2016 Black goes to check out the mysterious crystal Northeast of the landing zone.
Verdant Lightning - Plans June 24th, 2016 The Verdant group ponder their next move after landing.
Aid from an Unlikely Source June 7th, 2016 Aria reaches out to one of the Republic's knights for aid with a secret mission.
Verdant Flame VII May 26th, 2016 The Empire makes for one of its first landings on Dandoran, in order to destroy the Taung. But they're caught in a strange... web of intrigue.
Verdant Flame V - Gáe Bulg May 14th, 2016 The Empire and Republic fleets combine their efforts to free Dandoran, but are met with three superweapons that are tearing their fleet apart!
Snarling at a Senator May 3rd, 2016 Kamali uses her tracking skills to find a wayward Senator, and has no tolerance for his crap.
Taung and Tentacles May 2nd, 2016 As battle rages above Tatooine, another battle is engaged inside the Abyss
Waters of Change: Arrival April 8th, 2016 Various people come to Ahto attracted by rumor, trying to find information.
Depths of Depravity I April 6th, 2016 A small mercenary group moves to fulfil a mission for MedCo.
Familial Vetting Debate April 6th, 2016 The discussion to increase background checks has begun... but finds rather strange circumstances to boost the votes.
Alderaan Masquerade Gala February 27th, 2016 Big Gala at the Alderaan Palace
Treaty Party February 25th, 2016 The Wild Hunt hosts a massive party for people to mingle and form connections.
Lunch with an Informant February 23rd, 2016 Black invites a helpful informant over for lunch and discussion.
Deal with the Senator February 22nd, 2016 Black comes in to pick up his armor and visor and Skritt tries to convince him to pass along recommendations for his shop to the Republic Knights.
Bending Light and Shadow: Vision's Call II February 21st, 2016 The quest continues from the last scene: Bending Light and Shadow: Vision's Call I.
Pirates versus Republic February 18th, 2016 The Republic is warned of an imminent pirate attack on one of their convoys. They use a small but experienced guard force to counter it.
The Treaty of Sullust February 18th, 2016 The treaty of Sullust is revealed and signed.
Shady Shopkeepers February 15th, 2016 Aria points out a suspicious shop to the Republic authorities.
Bending Light and Shadow: Vision's Call I February 13th, 2016 Risi and a group of allies are granted visions that urge them to act upon the planet of Alaris Prime
No Party Like A Republic Party February 6th, 2016 Party at the Sullust Capital to celebrate the freeing of this planet from the Taung.
Sullust - The Pyramid January 28th, 2016 The Blackguard aids the Republic on their strike against the central Taung Pyramid.
Republic Fundraiser January 22nd, 2016 A Republic Fundraiser to gain funds for the war effort.
Knight Ceremony January 18th, 2016 The republic announces its Republic Knights... only for everything to go to hell.
The Bold Assault January 17th, 2016 The republic begins its first assault upon the entrenched Taung on Sullust. But its initial bad tactics cause serious issues.
Battle Of Sullust - Space January 16th, 2016 The Republic Fleet and various assets take the fight to the Taung in the Sullust space.
Unnatural Occurrences January 12th, 2016 Aria meets Black, and learns of yet more unnatural occurrences surrounding the Obsidian Fleet.
Battle of Eriadu January 11th, 2016 The Republic moves on Eriadu space to retake it from the assailing Taung fleet.
The New Republic Leader January 8th, 2016 The Empire announces better ties with the Republic, and produces a surprising 'new' leader to the Republic.
Bounty: Hank Brown December 31st, 2015 Following this Bounty: Former Imperial R&D scientist Hank Brown has destroyed his lab and fled with extremely experimental but promising tech involving bio-science. The Empire believes he is attempting to sell his research to the highest bidder.

Complexities have arisen due to the nature of the company that Hank now keeps. It's believed he has employed the services of a previously licensed Bounty Hunter known as 'Shaadoo'. Though effective, Shaadoo's licence was terminated when she was found guilty of murdering a string of her Hunter cohorts in an effort to claim more credits for her own. She is considered extremely dangerous.

Bloodied Cathedral December 29th, 2015 The Brotherhood launches a small scouting party into the AutoNarchic Theocracy in an attempt to get insight on the Artifact's location.
Arkanian Sleigh Ride December 20th, 2015 A group of people are tugged into doing something good in the galaxy... by delivering medicine along a dangerous route.
An Acquisitions Expert November 19th, 2015 Skritt hires Black to get him some military grade weaponry for an order.
Screams in the Night November 18th, 2015 The Praxeum comes under attack once more.
Can't we all get fight the Taung? November 12th, 2015 Bringing together public leaders of the Outer Rim in an effort to start working together. Death to the Taung!
The Swoop-Lords of Themis November 5th, 2015 A group of miscreants murder an unsuspecting hobbyist's club.
Seeking: Info from the 'Man in Black' November 4th, 2015 More discussions on the things needed for repairing Iskerika's ship, and more help received.
Riding the Fenz October 29th, 2015 A small group of independent members try to attain a CR-90.
Rebel Assault October 26th, 2015 A group of resistance members assaults an Empire base on Renar IV.
Funeral for Nalad Newn October 25th, 2015 The Jedi and a few rare allies come together to witness the funeral pyre of Nalad Newn.
Mustafarian Party October 23rd, 2015 The Jedi move on Mustafar to save some of their precious allies.
A Gun and a Ride October 20th, 2015 Black comes to pick up his gun, and Skritt and Shambal look for a way off-world.
Swaying the Jensaarai October 17th, 2015 Black meet's a woman who seems as confused as him about a task, will he take the bait?
Caverns Old October 8th, 2015 A group of mercenaries hired by Dosh Corp try to retrieve some salvage from an abandoned CIS planet...and are instead driven off.
Slaver Invasion of Ryloth October 8th, 2015 The Slaver Consortium has entrusted the enslavement of the planet of Ryloth to Tolssk. The Invasion goes off better then planned.
House Akashi Gala October 5th, 2015 Black invites people in the hopes to make business connections at his gala.


Data Incomplete September 13th, 2016 Black can't find data that was once kept about his fiance's DNA.
The Kinslayer August 8th, 2016 Alex Black meets his sister, Selena, and is changed.
The Blue Flame May 15th, 2016 Black talks to his fiance' in a dream and names a star.
Dance Amongst The Stars April 8th, 2016 Black speaks to his fiance', and considers what was asked from him.
The Galactic Foxtrot February 19th, 2016 Senator Black meets with people and plans to protect the Republic.
The Warrior's Way January 15th, 2016 Commander Black addresses the Republic Fleet before their new battle.
The Snow Fortress - Ancient Ice November 7th, 2015 Black makes plans that involve a new place for select Force sensitives, as well as those that are trusted.


All copyright and credit belongs with the respective owners of the Star Wars MUSH, and all artists.
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