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Faction Information

Type Faction
Contact Risi
Part Of Independent

Member Status

Members Amalila, Creusa, Keyenne, Navi, Nieve, Red, Risi, Rune Andris, Rynn, Vytha, Zash
Member Factions None
Ships Defiant, Golden Flame, Nova Skate, Shadow Chaser, Star's Song

The Covenant of Twilight has a long and winding History. Once a reborn Brotherhood of Darkness under the man known as Arkhel Juul. A shadow of its former self, Arkhel spent his time slowly gathering artifacts in order to ultimately revive the ancient order and restore it to its former glory, while taking on an apprentice named Risi. But due to alliances and the interference of the Empire, Arkhel Juul became imprisoned, and his apprentice Risi took over the group - believing her former master had betrayed her and his ways to have been in error to what he preached. She took it into a new direction, cultivating the group under the mission of furthering what Arkhel had preached - to find balance in the force; only she would do this in a different manner. One that was less warped by the darkness and the ways of the Sith.

Having learned of the true beginnings of the Brotherhood of Darkness of the past, Risi sought to garner the knowledge of all force traditions under its umbrella, and gain the Wisdom and knowledge needed to wield both the Light and the Dark in equal parts to represent this 'true balance' they so desperately seek. Under this new form, it seeks not to embrace the extremes of either light nor dark, but form a balanced path in between while accepting the galaxy for what it is. And as it has grown so far away from what the Brotherhood of Darkness once was, it was reborn under a new name after the liberation of the planet Sullust from the Taung, during which many Force Traditions worked together in order to complete this task.

Yet after all this time, little has changed of its motto:

“All are Equal amongst the Covenant.”

The Covenant

Those of our ranks are to move forward in advancing the goals of the Covenant. They are to embrace both the Light and Dark sides of the force and use it to create a galaxy in which all Force Traditions can exist safely, without being consumed or fully controlled by either extremes of light nor dark.


  • Bring true balance to the force.
  • Force back and temper the extremes in the galaxy.
  • Eliminate those who have no value for life and seek only destruction.
  • Eliminate threats that would seek the Force extinguished.
  • Protection of all Force Traditions, even from themselves if must be.
  • Collection of Wisdom, Techniques and Knowledge from all Force Traditions.
  • Exploring Ruins and seek out lost Knowledge.
  • Safeguard or Destroy dangerous artifacts - or find a rightful path for those for which the Wisdom exists when to use them.
  • Form an Archive of the Covenant.
  • Long term: Create the 'Covenant Empire' within Wild Space and Unknown Space, to safeguard and protect those of the force.
  • Long term: Bring more understanding of the force, and the value of all living things, to the galaxy as a whole.

Organization Structure

Ranking Structure

The ranking of the Covenant consists of a simple three level structure. At the top stands the council leader and Ascendant One, Risi, with at her side, the Twilight Council. Below that, are the various divisions of the Covenant. This is a representation of the motto Risi prefers to use: All are equal in the Covenant of Twilight.


Ascendant One
Risi Huntress/Mother
Twilight Council
Rynn Captain/Council Leader
Acoyltes Initiates Specialists Prospective Allies
Vytha Ka'osat'ca Navi Nienor Iskierka
Mira Creusa Kyr'am Karas Lahani
Meriline Keyenne Wraith Ka'otaun're

Resources and Personnel

Central Funds
71622 Credits
  • Zygerrian Shop: 52624 Credits (Since 07/03/2015, as of 6/16/2017, 10d100 per week/Friday.)
  • Dance Club: 17998 (Since 04/05/2016, as of 6/16/2017, 10d50 per week/friday)
  • Missions: 1000 Credits


  • None
NPCs (General NPC Sheets)
Skilled NPCs Non-Combat NPCs
8 Ex-Justicars (Golden Flame & Arorua) 12 Force Sensitive Children (Golden Flame)
1 Makutai Master (Arorua) 40 Children from 'The First'. (Arorua)
2 Makutai Apprentices (Arorua) Arorua Support Staff (Refugees)
2 Shi'ido Skinshifters (On Mission) Families and other Misc. (Refugees)
4 Former Jedi Padawans (Various)
2 Skilled Echani Warriors (Arorua)
1 Skilled Smuggler Pilot (Shadow Chaser)
1 Unmovable Sith Abomination Queen Bug - Control Bug (Arorua)
12 Nightsisters (Dathomir)
Small Army of slaved Sith Abomination Bugs (Arorua)
Shadow Chaser - Corellian YT-1300 Transport
  • (Only KNOWN Covenant vessel)
Star's Song - Corellian YT-1300 Transport
Nova Skate - Corellian YT-1300 Transport
Defiant - Citadel-class Cruiser
Spirited Away - Gallofree GR-75 Medium Transport
Bases & Planets
Jabiim (Partial)
Dathomir (Partial)
Carbon Freezing facility on Birgis
The Wild Hunt - secret storefront (Danceclub)
The Mystery Shop - secret storefront (Merchantile)
Home of the Lost Tribe - Dathomir Nightsister Fortress
The Prism (Diab System)
Associated NPC Organizations
The Black Corsairs (Pirate Organization)
The Gray Bones (Pirate Organization)

Wanted Concepts

Wanted Concepts
Former Jedi Knights and Padawans
(Non-)Force Sensitive Dark/Gray/Light Types

NPC Profiles

Details about the NPCs the Covenant possesses
Jedi Padawans
Aramis Madoon Female, Zeltron, Adult. Flirty, Fox-like cunning, subtle.
Tay Nestina Male, Echani, Adult. Talkative, Dependable Guardian, loves alcohol. Inseperable from Tella Fallwen.
Iella Fallwen Female, Tholothian, Adult. Stalwart, Straight-man, Motherly. Inseperable from Tay Nestina.
Xone Damar Male, Echani, Adult. Wounded (missing left arm), gruff, flyboy.
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