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Character Information

Full Name: Dalton Steele
Codename: Delta Blaze
Age: 22 Standard Years
Birth Date: Elona 5th
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Gania - Tapani Sector
Faction: Galactic Empire
Organization: Inquisitors
Position: Inquisitor Initiate
Title: Esquire
Ship: N/A
Family Personal
Mother: Talena Steele Height: 5' 10"
Father: Talos Steele Weight: 172 pounds
Siblings: Melanie Steele Hair Color: Black w/ Highlights
Spouse: None Eye Color: Sulphur Gold
Fiancé: None Alignment: Dark Side
Children: N/A


One would have to think that an Inquisitor was all work at times, while in fact this is not the case for him. He is a traditionalist and holds views that seem to speak to one of noble birth, intelligent and aloof when he needs to be, but he has been known to act like most men in their twenties with little care in the galaxy would. Which is to tell that he has fun and visits the local bars, and is known to be a wonderful conversation partner to people.


Gather Info: 15 or IC Knowledge.

Member to House Steele, and member in the Inquisition. He is known for battle skill in combat and in use of the Force. He has fought in quite a few battles, and is known to have a curious diplomatic stance on peace, however he has been documented to use force when required to assure that. Being a balance in both dominance and control. Rumored to have a soft side.

House Steele


House Steele is an ancient noble family from the Tapani Sector on Gania, that serves under the banner of House Melantha. It is small, and has no power like it once had, but it still stands. It is known for its imports and exports of entertainment media and technology. In recent times, it has taken the stance that Melantha has, following the Imperial Way as an ally. Though it is still small, Dalton Steele has a secretary named Leena that assists with the duties that the House requires of him, which is mostly to trade supply, considering he travels so much as an Inquisitor.


There are rumors that the man known as Dalton Steele once used a fake ID to travel around in the Outer Rim. While the issue was settled, it seems that a lot of people wonder what an Inquisitor is doing around in the Outer Rim Republic. He can often be found ordering things that have been imported from Republic worlds, such as food, drink, and also entertainment media.

Dalton is known in the Imperial community as an Inquisitor Initiate, and as a member of House Steele. There are rumors that he is seeking to rebuild his family home, after Alderaan had been invaded by the Obsidian Fleet. He has recently been transferred to the Hallowed Order in the Inquisitorius. He is known to be called by part of his code name in public, Blaze, as a nickname.

Hunter's Guild





House Steele

  • N/A

Service Record

Clone Wars
  • He was a technical expert who used to crack codes for the Republic during the Clone Wars. This saw him on various worlds at different times. He also performed in a few skirmishes as a combatant.
Taung War
  • Unknown
Inquisitor Records
  • Unknown.

Character Relationships

The Unknown
Wraith I am not quite sure about your hosting practices, but it was a useful event all the same.
Alshayn I don't recall much about you, but I think I've a nice idea who you are.
Cale Ando I don't think that you understand basic sentient interaction. But that's alright.
Snow I think you are quite beautiful, as was the dance, but you look like a pirate in those clothes.
Galactic Empire
Solani I respect the manner in which you handle the position as First Inquisitor.
Vader I respect you for the power which you hold. But you have little control.
Mas Amedda I think you are an example of what a leader should, as well as should not be.
Striker I think you have a few too many interests above the pay, but you are a clever respectful man.
Covenant of Twilight
Former Jedi
Talena Mother, I think that you and father could be a bit more ambitious.
Talos Father, I think that you and mother could be a bit more ambitious.
Melanie I don't understand why it is that you serve the Republic, but I care for you.
Character Info Box:
Themes:   Romance, The Jedi, The Sith, The Force, Tradition, War, Technology, Artifacts, Research, Starships.
  • He seems to have a few vices, which include spice, alcohol, and smoking. Though it isn't an addiction, it does seem like it is the most useful way to start a conversation.
  • He seems to like kahve quite a bit, which is useful to keep him up on work and projects, which seems to lead some to believe he has a little bit of insomnia that he can't quell.
  • He has quite the interest in both technology and various scientific fields. He often works on his own projects, which includes the crafting of new inventions. Seems to like military tech in particular.
  • He is an Inquisitor, which means that if you are related to the Force in any manner, he might have a special interest in you. This does not mean he wants to hunt each and every user. He often takes it case to case.
  • He is often willing to assist people with projects that revolve around technology and science, and although he is a known Inquisitor to some, it does not often manage to get in the way of his Imperial duty often.



How We Serve the Empire November 2nd, 2016 Kamali and Dalton discuss how they serve the Empire in various ways.
Poor Investments October 29th, 2016 The Imperials raid a rebel camp filled with Aqualish terrorists.
Rise of the Temple Raider October 28th, 2016 A band of Inquisitors and Imperial Military personell assaulted a temple to claim the sword that can sever the force.
Inquisitive Inquisitor October 24th, 2016 An inquisitor asks some prying questions about a scout mission Kamali and her squad are involved in on Tatooine.
SoroSuub Gala October 21st, 2016 Gala at SoroSuub!
Zett get him October 18th, 2016 Tracking down an ex jedi on Nar Shadda


The New Story October 20th, 2016 Dalton Steele receives a transfer order to the Hallowed Order.


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