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Born Undefined
Age 23
Species Human
Sex Male
Height Undefined
Weight Undefined
Ship Azure Star
Organization Outer Rim Republic, Republic Navy
Position Crewman R&D
Force Alignment Light

Character Information

Full Name: Derek Nomura
Alias: Derek Banks
Age: 23 Standard Years
Apparent Age: 20 Standard Years
Birth Date: Melona 15th, Year 1 BrS
Species: Human
Home Planet: Kilia IV
Faction: Outer Rim Republic
Organization: Republic Navy
Rank: Able Crewman - E2
Assignment: Research & Development
Title: Ranger
Ship: Azure Star

Extra Data
Current Home: Sullust - Azure Star
Organization: N/A
Rank: N/A
Force Tradition: Kilian Rangers
Tradition Rank: Ranger
Family Personal
Mother: Monette Nomura (Adoptive) Height: 5' 11"
Father: Teren Nomura (Adoptive) Weight: 176 pounds
Sister: Sheena Nomura (Adoptive) Hair Color: Midnight Black
Spouse: None Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Fiancé: None Alignment: Neutral Good
Children: N/A


Derek is a kind man, who often wishes to assist those he comes across. Though when he is upholding his oath, he knows little restraint, though it is also tempered with the knowledge of what is right. He is social and often likes to discuss all manners of knowledge. He is a bit secretive when it comes to what he is though, unless he has a trust with the people he speaks with.


Gather Info: 15 or IC Knowledge.

Not much is known about Derek Banks, however it is known to most people that he is a knowledgable man that seeks to learn what he can. He is known to take on work, and can often be found where either credits, or information is at. He has been known to travel in the Outer Rim Republic recently, and often visits the locales that are available. He holds little care for the Taung, it should be noted. He has recently become a member of the Republic Navy as an R&D specialist.


Renown: 5/100

He is known as Derek Banks (publicly), and has been seen with two devices whose make look ancient compared to modern tech, which he uses for battle. He frequents businesses as well as bars, and can often be seen buying drinks for others, or having a friendly chat, that is when he is actually feeling talkative. Unverified rumors have surfaced that he is a Force Sensitive. He has recently joined up with the Republic Navy as an R&D specialist, and performed in military missions, as well as having assisted before joining. It has been said he is touching in politics a bit, but for what reason, it is a bit difficult to discern. He has been known to work as an independent contractor as well. Besides all that, he does not have a reputation that seems to place him above being known as a Republic Navy member.


Central Funds
Total Income 250 credits per week
Crewman Check 300 credits per week
Co-Pilot Check 50 credits per week
Rukia: Co-Pilot Nagai: Non-Heroic CL 1
Azure Star Corellian YT-1300 Transport
  • (Personal Ship)

Service Record

Republic Military Record
  • He was part of the battle on Sullust against the Taung when a mysterious Force user came with them. This was before the enlistment.
  • He was part of a scout mission to an asteroid pirate base. He was there as R&D in case anything was found which might be useful.
  • He was part of a marine team that took on a criminal crew above Sullust, to observe use of their tech for R&D.
  • He was part of a mission to hunt down remaining Taung troops on Sullust. He took down quite a few and hurt the Commander, sustaining fire that took him out of the fight.
Research & Development
Medals & Awards
  • He was awarded a standard citation and medal for being hurt in combat.
  • He was awarded a combat action medal, the bronze star, for participation in active battle. x2
  • He was awarded a promotion to Able Crewman due to his performance in the military.

Character Relationships

The Unknown
Mystery Man What an enigma. I've heard you serve one called Abeloth. But, for what reasons?
Abeloth I have heard about what you are capable of doing. I don't like it.
Outer Rim Republic
Siensara I thank you for the kind words, but I'm really nothing special.
Haplose I think your fellow Knight was trying to get you drunk. It was pleasant to watch.
Wraith I don't often meet celebrities, but it was nice to see you at that party at least.
Talia I hope that things start looking up for you. Nice shot in that battle, by the way.
Alshayn You seem to have a lot on your mind quite often. I hope that it will ease up on you.
Darrion I don't think that war has been kind to you Admiral.
Kara You are an efficient NCO, but I think that you can be reckless too.
The Resistance
Snow I'm not quite sure what to make of you. Your kindness reminds me of my mentor.
Galactic Empire
Flowers I think you might need to meditate upon your actions. You don't seem to like yourself much.
Covenant of Twilight
Risi I have heard the name, spoken of, during some party. Who is she?
Nercathi I admire the work that you do. I'm willing to serve, for the purpose.
Shay The offer was quite interesting, not my line of work though. I like your music though.
Navi You are quite a beautiful woman, and also kind. I like to meet new friends, I consider you one.
Katalana I think you should visit clubs less, from what I have seen. Moderation.
Zart I'm not quite sure what to make of you, but you are a fun person though.
Kaelyn I think you are quite the curious person. You have a nice costume though.
Aji You are quite an interesting woman, we can be best friends with the bantha.
Jedi Remnant
Tiana I'm not quite sure what to make of you, from what I saw at the battle. I wish you ease.
Amalila You seem to know about the Jedi, but... Are there really so few left?
Vytha I don't know why it is that you don't like the Jedi, but they aren't like some would say.
Monette I thank you for taking me in and treating me well. Your teachings will be remembered.
Teren Father, when I return to Kilia IV, I will make sure to tell you grand stories.
Sheena I wish you would come with me. The galaxy is really beautiful. You could find a job.
Marnell I wish you were still here, dear advisor. I'll find you someday, whatever happens.
Abraham I did not know you at all really, but you went in battle, and well. You will be remembered.
Seria I wish I knew you more, as I'd hoped to visit the Arena sometime like we talked about.
Character Info Box:
Themes:   Romance, Technology, Starships, Adventure, Knowledge, Justice, Moral Conflict, The Jedi, War.
  • He has been around for a while in the galaxy, traveling, however he has an obvious curiosity for things that he doesn't know about. He is easy to impress, although he is often as impressive with his own knowledge that he has picked up from travels.
  • He has a tendency to seek out peace in almost all matters. A Consular once taught him that negotiations are the most important first step in battle. If one doesn't seek it first without good reason such as war, then it isn't a well honored action.
  • He is a bit of a romantic when it comes to the galaxy. Stories of heroes seem to attract him, and he often likes to listen to music and read poetry when he has the time to. He also seems to be a fan of a few holoshows as well.
  • He can often be found in coffee shoppes, or a cantina. He finds this the best way to meet people, and it is often where many stories start. He also tends to buy for his drinking companions, so it is an easy way for anyone to meet him, if they like.
  • He is with the Republic Navy, and can often be found on Sullust when he is not at work. He works with the Research Center on assignment as R&D, which means he can often be found looking for tech and knowledge.






A Second Challenger Falls January 27th, 2017 Kamali is introduced to Derek of the Republic, who she proceeds to trounce in a 'friendly' spar.
Good Help? Hard Find January 26th, 2017 Getting Employees out of the way
Onderon's Sin January 19th, 2017 Killing Stormtroopers - for the Empire
Test Flights December 15th, 2016 A team of pilots are hired to run some test flights and work out the kinks in the systems of Skritt's prototype ships.
Get Well Soon, Derek! December 3rd, 2016 Siensara stops in to check on Derek while he's recovering.
Shootout Over Sullust November 18th, 2016 A strike team of Republic soldiers board a suspected criminal vessel.
Pirates On A Rock: Part One November 15th, 2016 Members of the Republic and mercenaries come to assist in taking the fight to some pirates.
Siensara's House Party November 10th, 2016 It started as a house party, it ended in a block party.
Meeting a Traveler November 6th, 2016 Snow encounters Derek while both are doing volunteer work in the aftermath of the recent Taung skirmishes.


The Light From The Dark December 23rd, 2016 Derek has started up his most recent project, and has but to change up a few schematics as well as field test to make the modifications which it needs.
New Ranger Born November 5th, 2016 A memory of the time when Derek became a Kilian Ranger.


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