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Dark Huntress
Born 4 BGR
Age Adult
Species Dathomirian
Sex Female
Height 1.70m
Weight 55kg
Ship Shadow Chaser
Organization Covenant of Twilight
Position Mother
Force Alignment Gray
Chibi Risi.png


Risi doesn't make friends easily, and trusts even less easily. Yet she loves with great care and passion, and those connections she forms are held in great importance. She's vain, often selfish, and she knows exactly what she wants. She carries a strong flame that makes her desire to prove herself, and a certain fierceness and pride that ought to be expected from a Warrior... not a mystic such as herself. She doesn't like being talked down upon unless she recognizes someone's power, but neither is she a fool either.


As far as the world at large would know, Risi is a new up and coming Mercenary from the Dathomir; a planet known for its warrior like race and 'witchcraft'. Hardly a proper kind of 'people person', Risi is a relative unknown with a bad need to find a place to belong and prove herself in the worst ways possible. Still, amongst those few that know her, she has the reputation of getting things done, even though she is still building experience; though it might come across as if they were not telling the full story.

These days, the witch is known as part of the so called 'Covenant' and has a 400,000 credit bounty on her head, Alive Only - as placed by Darth Vader himself.

Character Themes

Risi's main character themes are: Self-exploration, Darkness, The Wyld Hunt, Passions, Guilt, Kinslayer, Loyalty, Leadership, Youth, Vanity, Abandonment and primarily: Cognitive Dissonance.


It's been a long time now, since the Empire's 'betrayal' of the Brotherhood of Darkness. Almost all of what was once the Brotherhood, including her master, left to join the Empire. Feeling abandoned and angered, Risi refused to heed any suggestion of joining the Empire as well. Now, with her small group which the Empire has branded 'The Faithless' - though Risi prefers to call them the 'true' Brotherhood of Darkness - they move on to create a place of their own. To guard the Force Sensitives in the galaxy against extinction and to safeguard and record their knowledge. Since then, they've been pushing back against the Empire after the betrayal at 244Core, and slowly been ensuring that the Brotherhood of Darkness grows in power.


While Risi is not good at lying. She is at least good at playing a role. Especially if she can wear a mask.

  • Dusk: A former persona that has since 'died' along with the UGSA. Still, the name Dusk carries importance and power within the galaxy. An person that created an entity the Empire 'feared' enough to strike down... only to fail in destroying its 'true' leader.
  • Lina Celwick: A Matchmaker with reported renown on Coruscant and Republic of Independant Systems Noble. A fake identity if there ever was one. But one she uses to mingle with nobility if she absolutely must. Known for red hair and caucasian skin and blue eyes -- but some have seen her wearing far paler skin and in white robes.

Character Relationships

Ginn Rumme'Winn You know where you stand now, my old friend.
Rynn A most dependable ally amongst the Brotherhood. It is to him, I owe my current health, and he is now my Second and leader of the Adepts as councilor.
Aislinn My apprentice. I shall teach her all that I know, but in such a way that she may choose her own path in life - whenever our paths do meet.
Navi A Brotherhood slave, or perhaps rather, my personal slave. If I can really call her that. She's a caring one and holds the Brotherhood together in a ways.
Vytha My fiance. Though we may not always see eye to eye, we both care for one-another. She helped me become the person I am today.
Mira Mira oh Mira. I've done a great deal of work to free you... and our hearts have become intertwined. I hope I, and life itself, can bring you happiness in your new free life.
Sethlairca Kaosaotca's dear sister. High energy and difficult to follow at time, yet she makes me feel young when I am around her.
Kaosaotca My dear dear friend. I have a strange bond with you now. One that breaks many barriers that might otherwise have laid between us. I wish to help ease your pain.
Keyenne Sek'utus' dear friend, and mine as well. An intelligent philosopher.
Amalila A Jedi Shadow. I have yet to see you in action, but I feel your council will be of great value to me.
Iskierka Thank you.
Cinder I bought you for eight waters. For now, you shall be mine.
Ar'ya Fenn A capable Mandalorian warrior who is a bit too rash for her own good. I need to watch this one carefully.
Jori I know who and what she truly is, and I have learned to become wary around her. She is wise, but... she has issues with control.
Eyon'vala A wise Twi'lek who is serving as my guide. I respect her greatly already, and we've only just met. The spirits truly move in mysterious ways.
Creusa A fellow sister. Your history is well buried.
Ladek I am sorry... so sorry.
Galactic Empire
Memelic Once questioned me during captivity. A rare Chiss out in this part of the galaxy.
Aayla Secura For all my harsh words, I will miss you, you know?
Tolssk I don't honestly care for you - and I sense your animosity towards us now.
Lorana A business contact.
Army of Light
Aria A friend of Navi's. Seems to be nice enough.
Rolen Korsh One of the more... reasonable Jedi.
Tiana I no longer harbor any animosity towards you. I want your husband's books though.
Former Characters
Koy'idura Koyi... no. I'm so sorry! I never meant to...
Jeyona I wish I could have done more for you. I hope you know peace with the spirits.
Arkhel Juul Once my Master, you seem to have abandoned us. I will make my own way here.


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Preparations for War February 24th, 2018 Risi and Ca'runi Kom'rk meet to discuss preperations for what comes.
You got any... August 15th, 2017 Aerasi and Risi meet up at the Wild Hunt to discuss Rynn and if Risi knows any slicers.
Tyrena Fashion June 24th, 2017 A Fashion Show on Corellia, a mixture of people meet up to see the latest fashions. JUST FYI, THE COLOR FOR SUMMER THIS YEAR IS YELLOW! Why'd it have to be yellow?
Tears in the Sand April 29th, 2017 Risi has felt a disturbance in the force and seeks out her friend, Lahani.
Faded Memories April 21st, 2017 Lahani comes to Risi in order to ascertain if her memories could be brought into the light.
SoroSuub Gala for Onderon February 22nd, 2017 SoroSuub holds another Gala, this time predominantly for the Imperials as they go in on a joint venture to aid the world of Onderon.
Demons of Dxun VI February 19th, 2017 The Covenant lifts the weapon to the surface while fighting off the musquitos - in order to take our the beast that hunts them.
Grand Theft Auto I January 4th, 2017 Dockside Security combat
A Window Opens II December 29th, 2016 Beating a Bith
Rim Forge Gala December 20th, 2016 Rim Forge Industries reveals their newest product, a set of prototypes made for Kuat Drive Yards
Demons of Dxun I December 20th, 2016 The Covenant goes to investigate the possibility of building a secret base on the dangerous planet of Dxun
Last Stand II December 11th, 2016 After freeing those the Slavers are using as leverage, the Covenant confronts the leaders of the organization and takes them down.
Last Stand I November 30th, 2016 The Covenant sneaks into a Slaver compound in order to free those they are using as leverage over their people.
Siensara's House Party November 10th, 2016 It started as a house party, it ended in a block party.
The Gem: Approach November 9th, 2016 The Covenant, thanks to a lot of luck, and some serious investigative work, have managed to find the station known as 'The Prism'. However, the approach will not be easy.
Interrogating the Nagai November 5th, 2016 Risi and Kyr'am interrogate their Nagai prisoner, who makes them a deal they can't refuse.
Going Clubbing October 27th, 2016 The Wild Hunt throws a wet t-shirt contest!
SoroSuub Gala October 21st, 2016 Gala at SoroSuub!
Missing Children September 25th, 2016 Rynn comes to Risi with information about the missing children from the Core worlds and seeks her advice.
Slaver Raid September 22nd, 2016 The Covenant pulls a few strings with allies and acquaintances to erase a slaver base in search for answers.
Not So Terrifying Beast September 10th, 2016 Felicia gets an introduction to one of Rynn's beasts while they discuss the slaver situation with Risi.
Grand Opening - Coup de Grace September 4th, 2016 A grand opening of a new bloody gladitorial arena brings a lot of people!
Investigating Lowlife Scum September 1st, 2016 The Covenant (and others) investigate some unusual characters at a smuggler's bar.
The Slave Ship August 28th, 2016 Rynn sends the Covenant on a mission to covertly gain information from a Slaver ship.
Our Next Moves August 25th, 2016 Rynn speaks to Risi about his situation and their next moves.
Dark Tidings August 13th, 2016 The Covenant discusses dark tidings and Rynn shares his current mission.
Tensions and Warnings August 9th, 2016 Aria tries to address tensions between the Army of Light and Covenant, and shares a warning.
The Sleepers Wake August 1st, 2016 After a group of Stormtroopers investigating a missing salvage crew go missing, several force users converge upon a disturbance in the force...
Verdant Lightning - The Final Push July 31st, 2016 The Verdant Flame pushes forward!
Verdant Lightning - The Third Base July 30th, 2016 The Verdant Flame moves upon one of the outlying bases to ensure its destruction and halt any Taung reinforcements from reaching the 'Dark Reaper'.
Verdant Lightning - The Final Throne July 24th, 2016 A small group moves upon the final throne, only to run into someone nobody had expected to see or meet.
Verdant Lightning - A Show of Force July 19th, 2016 Risi has a little spar to continue teaching those who will accept it.
Verdant Lightning - The Western Throne July 17th, 2016 To halt the Dome to the east, the Western Throne is the first to meet the Verdant Flame's wrath.
Verdant Lightning - Death Wish July 17th, 2016 Samara and Eyon'vala speak of the Covenant and their mission here, and are soon joined by others in their discussion.
Verdant Lightning - Return to Thule July 16th, 2016 The Verdant Flame charter returns to Thule.
Verdant Lightning - Assault on the Northern Base July 16th, 2016 In preperation to move upon the Western Throne, the Verdant Flame commits to a two-pronged assault on different Taung bases.
Verdant Lightning - Strategic Retreat June 28th, 2016 The Verdant charter is forced to temporarily retreat from Thule.
Verdant Lightning - Healing June 26th, 2016 Seria comes from the Bacta Tank for some questioning, and the group meets the new team member - Aseni.
Verdant Lightning - Shadow Mission June 26th, 2016 Risi speaks to her Shadow about the Taung on Thule.
Verdant Lightning - The Temple June 25th, 2016 A small group moves to check out the Sith Temple up North.
Verdant Lightning - Opening June 24th, 2016 The Verdant group lands upon Thule and makes its first discoveries.
Verdant Lightning - Plans June 24th, 2016 The Verdant group ponder their next move after landing.
About the Ones June 18th, 2016 Tiana asks Risi to meet so they can talk about the Ones.
Station Management June 12th, 2016 Aria comes to the Covenant and Republic with a request
Struggle in the Alleys June 5th, 2016 Darth Solani tracks down a certain witch to the former Sepratist world of Dubrillion.
The Dragon and the Flame June 1st, 2016 Risi forces a difficult situation on Nieve in order to teach her to use a new weapon.
Within the Pits May 30th, 2016 Alshayn and Andros are welcomed by an unexpected visitor, seeking to aid them.
Verdant Flame VI May 16th, 2016 The Verdant Flame tries to get the heck out of dodge as the Taung flood upon their position!
Verdant Flame V - The Assault May 14th, 2016 The Verdant Flame taskforce assaults the Taung Pyramid on Dandoran they'd chosen.
Verdant Flame IV May 13th, 2016 The Verdant Flame group tries to move towards the Pyramid, but meet a rather monsterous obstacle
Verdant Flame III May 10th, 2016 The journey continues. And many people have their first true run-in with the Taung.
Verdant Flame I (Intermission) May 8th, 2016 While still in the caves with Ohnaka and co, the Verdant Flame team gets a new visitor, and Risi and Nieve help Meriline and Alshayn learn the skill needed to disrupt the Taung pyramid.
Verdant Flame II May 6th, 2016 The Verdant Flame crew continues forwards under the guise of night, avoiding Taung patrols through the region.
Verdant Flame I May 5th, 2016 Jedi, Covenant, Resistance and Republic gather up together to execute a Shadow War against the Taung on Dandoran.
Alderaan - The hidden Jedi Temple Ruins May 3rd, 2016 The Covenant secretly investigate a Jedi Temple site on Alderaan after others did not see a secret passage.
The Crucible May 1st, 2016 Nieve faces off against one of the Dathomiri's strongest warriors in the form of Naa'leth.
Voice of the Crucible April 30th, 2016 Risi and Nieve talk of Nieve's progress as a upcoming Dathomiri Witch, and decide that Nieve is ready to face the Crucible.
The Liason April 29th, 2016 Risi and Aria have a one-on-one to discuss recent activity.
The Gift April 29th, 2016 Risi reaches out to Alshayn, in order to teach her the Gift of Rebuke.
Nebulous Salvage Rights April 19th, 2016 The Covenant and Resistance comes together to explore and salvage things found on a Taung warship amidst a dangerous nebula.
Familial Vetting Debate April 6th, 2016 The discussion to increase background checks has begun... but finds rather strange circumstances to boost the votes.
Depths of Depravity I April 6th, 2016 A small mercenary group moves to fulfil a mission for MedCo.
The Sleeper April 5th, 2016 The finale to the Savage World events.
The Return of Savage Opress II April 4th, 2016 The story continues as the small crew of Covenant battles Savage Opress upon Dathomir!
Once upon a Flower April 1st, 2016 Risi encounters a Miralukan down in the dumps, and founds an unusual connection.
Fight like a Nightsister March 29th, 2016 Nieve gets to learn the hard way what it means to be a Nightsister
Seeking: Blackhole March 28th, 2016 Risi has reached to find an information broker - and gets what she's looking for in the form of a droid.
The Chambers of the Jedi March 27th, 2016 An excavation is being done at the fallen Jedi Praxeum to learn more of its past.
The Jedi Covenant Watchcircle - Einara's Fate March 16th, 2016 Risi has approached Jedi and Covenant to establish a Watchcircle in order to ascertain Einara's fate at the hands of Tolssk and Lord Vader.
Pirate Liason March 15th, 2016 Amalila negociates with the pirate leader of the group the Covenant has been targeting for months.
A Pyre for the Yearning II March 13th, 2016 Covenant and Jedi are drawn to the planet Ermi by the presence of a trio of strange firedancers.
Yarrrr! March 9th, 2016 The Covenant and some of its allies push harder on the pirate presence in the Sertar Sector.
Seeking Einara March 5th, 2016 The Jedi and their Covenant allies try to find out why Einara went missing.
Alderaan Masquerade Gala February 27th, 2016 Big Gala at the Alderaan Palace
Treaty Party February 25th, 2016 The Wild Hunt hosts a massive party for people to mingle and form connections.
Children of the Force February 25th, 2016 The Covenant moves onto a hidden facility they've managed to find on the planet Wayland in order to save some children... but they find much more than they bargained for,

Daimon was assigned to a simple task. Aid the Inquisitors at a facility, taking note of incoming shipments. It was a test... one he would fail.

A Very Witchy Weapon February 24th, 2016 Risi comes to pick up and test out her modified lightwhip.
Bending Light and Shadow: Vision's Call II February 21st, 2016 The quest continues from the last scene: Bending Light and Shadow: Vision's Call I.
Bending Light and Shadow: We are One February 21st, 2016 Risi finally has all she needs to make her personal weapon. All she needs now... is for Vytha to guide her.
The Treaty of Sullust February 18th, 2016 The treaty of Sullust is revealed and signed.
Bending Light and Shadow: Vision's Call I February 13th, 2016 Risi and a group of allies are granted visions that urge them to act upon the planet of Alaris Prime
The Return of Savage Opress February 5th, 2016 After many a sweat-sodden nightmare, Risi lands on Dathomir to root out a great evil that has taken hold of a region of that planet.
Sullust - The Pyramid January 28th, 2016 The Blackguard aids the Republic on their strike against the central Taung Pyramid.
Republic Fundraiser January 22nd, 2016 A Republic Fundraiser to gain funds for the war effort.
Horax heard a Po January 20th, 2016 A gang of independant mercenaries move upon a dangerous beast let loose on the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa.
The Bold Assault January 17th, 2016 The republic begins its first assault upon the entrenched Taung on Sullust. But its initial bad tactics cause serious issues.
Preparing an Army January 14th, 2016 Before the Republic launches to Sullust, Risi contacts a darker faction to find a way to aid the planet under the covers of black robes and metal masks.
Blades of the Fallen January 14th, 2016 Risi reaches out to Aria in attempts of getting help from the Army of Light on Sollust, and gives her the lightsaber of a fallen Jedi.
Demons of Dxun II January 11th, 2016 With a damaged ship, the Covenant are forced to leave one of their own behind to further investigate the compound on Dxun.
The New Republic Leader January 8th, 2016 The Empire announces better ties with the Republic, and produces a surprising 'new' leader to the Republic.
Sharing of Information January 8th, 2016 Risi calls a meeting with the Army of Light to share information about the Obsidian Fleet.
Opal of the Desert January 6th, 2016 The Empire is dragging away force sensitives in an attempt to claim them as their own, but there's multiple forces converging on them to make sure they do not succeed.
Bloodied Cathedral December 29th, 2015 The Brotherhood launches a small scouting party into the AutoNarchic Theocracy in an attempt to get insight on the Artifact's location.
Dark Temptations December 27th, 2015 The Brotherhood finally moves to destroy the Sith Amulet found around the neck of the Banda Gora Lieutenant.
Anti-Piracy Measures III December 23rd, 2015 The Brotherhood continues to work on sending home the point to the Pirate faction they've targeted.
Anti-Piracy Measures - Interrogation December 23rd, 2015 Risi reaches out to Amalila for input and advice.
Anti-Piracy Measures II December 22nd, 2015 The Brotherhood sets a trap for one of the pirate factions in the Sertar System in order to seek out the coordinates of their base.
Arkanian Sleigh Ride December 20th, 2015 A group of people are tugged into doing something good in the galaxy... by delivering medicine along a dangerous route.
Anti-Piracy Measures December 17th, 2015 A small Brotherhood group tries to push some of the pirates out of detection range of their own system.
Things That Eat at Us November 9th, 2015 Risi and Rynn share some troubles weighing on them.
Bending Light and Shadow: The Hutt November 8th, 2015 The Brotherhood follows Risi as they finally get a shot at Pizzada the Hutt and his captive slave.
Exiles at the Abyss November 4th, 2015 Eyon'vala finds herself drawn to the Abyss, where she meets the mysterious leader of the Brotherhood of Darkness.
Upon The Rooftops November 3rd, 2015 Valen Hawkwing approaches Risi with information and a request regarding Mira and the Shard artifacts.
Meeting the Brotherhood October 24th, 2015 The Jedi are invited on board a Brotherhood GR-75 to undergo medical care and to talk about the Brotherhood itself.
Mustafarian Party October 23rd, 2015 The Jedi move on Mustafar to save some of their precious allies.
Tricksy October 21st, 2015 The Brotherhood and a few Jedi and unaffiliated allies launch a mock-assault on one of the Empire's installations in order to lure the ships from Mustafar - so the Jedi might have a chance to rescue their own. But how many must die in order to save them?
Cry to the Light October 17th, 2015 Risi visits Shio 3 to come to understand the existance of this Force Nexus, and what might await her when she returns with Shards in hand.
Explaining the Trick October 15th, 2015 Cal Tinto and Risi are drawn to the planet of Thule to discuss a matter of immense importance. The lives of all Jedi lie in the balance.
Into The Cathedral October 14th, 2015 Risi is led to the AutoNarchic Theocracy by the spirits - and into a rather unusual meeting.
Seeking The Archivist October 14th, 2015 Risi seeks out Jalasi to get guidance on what to do with the Shard she's gotten from the Theocracy's Cathedral.
A Deal She Can't Resist October 13th, 2015 Risi makes Iskierka an offer she can't resist.
The 244Core War - Finale September 25th, 2015 The UGSA fleet of freighters and two corvettes manage to flee the surface... and come under severe attack. But they too have an ace up their sleeve.
Preperations September 24th, 2015 Risi and Ladek discuss the terms of Maltorus' communique to Ladek.
The 244Core War - Part 12 September 24th, 2015 The UGSA thought they had time to leave... they were wrong!
The 244Core War - Part 10 September 20th, 2015 The UGSA moves quietly, carefully, and in secret onto more Railguns.
Truth and Requests September 18th, 2015 Risi asks Aria to carry information to other force users, and the two come clean about various things.
The 244Core War - Part 7 September 18th, 2015 The UGSA and a small Empire attachment pull into the Junkers Bar for Risi, in order to get some more Security Agent types to question. Of course, this means they first have to get past the Taung.
The 244Core War - Part 9 September 18th, 2015 A small squad of force sensitives make further preparations.
The 244Core War - Part 3 September 16th, 2015 A small detachment of Jedi, Brotherhood and Resistance perform a shadowy mission.
Revered Ryloth September 14th, 2015 The Brotherhood and the Jedi together move to free slaves and halt slavery on Ryloth.
Business September 8th, 2015 Risi and Ar'ya converse about her visor's upgrades and the upcoming UGSA meeting.
Loyalty September 8th, 2015 Ar'ya Fenn desires to leave the Brotherhood, but it doesn't go over well with Risi.
Another UGSA meeting September 8th, 2015 The UGSA has another meeting of sorts, only to get 'invaded' by two of the Empire's Moffs.
Tapani Sector Council August 12th, 2015 House Mecetti stands accused by Kendrick and his company of murder. How will the court plead?
Greeting the Hound July 21st, 2015 Dusk reaches out to Hound in an attempt to get into contact with some of the Nar Shaddaa Militia, and to get that one important piece of information she desires from all she meets.
A tense Alliance July 21st, 2015 Dusk approaches Maltorus regarding UGSA business.
Strike the Iron July 19th, 2015 Striker approaches Dusk about the request for more information.
The First Galactic Summit July 18th, 2015 Dusk and the the UGSA as a whole holds its first summit against the threat of the Taung, sharing information - but no plans - in a publicly broadcasted meeting.
Mind your Taung July 17th, 2015 Tolssk comes to Risi with a gift.
The Summit Preperation July 16th, 2015 Dusk approaches Maltorus to speak of the UGSA and its alliance with the Empire.
Dusk's Network July 16th, 2015 Dusk reaches out to the Network, and finds Jalasi.
Lao-Mon - A Heartfelt Request July 14th, 2015 Risi seeks out the Shi'ido, as one of the few people in the know of their existence and homeworld, in order to recruit for what is basically a suicide mission.
Forming the United Galactic Star Alliance July 7th, 2015 Ladek's announcement springs an uproar from a particular force user - who pushes him into the announcement of a new Alliance.
My Flame July 6th, 2015 Risi obtains Cinder's loyalty.
The One Named Cinder July 6th, 2015 A while before the Taung Invasion -- Risi reaches out to the Shapers of Kro Var to acquire one of their warriors, so she might add their force-wisdom to the collective of the Brotherhood of Darkness.
244Core - Mass Acceleration Time July 6th, 2015 An alliance of Jedi, Resistance, Brotherhood and Empire take the 244Core Mass Driver in order to annihilate the Taung Armada.
244Core - Encounter July 3rd, 2015 The Brotherhood grabs Ladek and helps the man heal while passing on information and considering the state of the world.
End of the World Party June 30th, 2015 Dusk runs the 1 year anniversary for... Dusk! But there is a disturbance in the force...
Bounty: Phineas Caine June 30th, 2015 The Brotherhood, just having gotten a Bountyhunters license, moves to fetch their first Imperial bounty.
Buying Perfume June 30th, 2015 Risi finds out that Taktis is still alive in the worst way possible.
Of Marriage and New Members June 30th, 2015 Some of the crew of the Shadow Chaser talk about the new members, what must come... and the hopes some of them have.
Hiring Halo June 29th, 2015 Risi reaches out to hire Halo.
The Fallen Master June 29th, 2015 Risi finally gets closure on what happened when Arkhel Juul 'apparently' betrayed the Brotherhood of Darkness.
Dealing with Pirates June 26th, 2015 The Brotherhood assaults a GR-75 in order to establish a better fleet presence.
My Dear Patient June 25th, 2015 Risi calls a small meeting with Kaosaotca - only to find out the poor Chiss has gotten sick.
An Ill-Informed Deal June 24th, 2015 Maltorus and Risi contact one-another to make a deal.
Belasis - The Fourth Tribe (III) June 23rd, 2015 The Jedi join up with the Brotherhood who has just fended off a Taung. They get introduced to the unique truth of the people they just saved
A Rainy Day June 20th, 2015 Sometimes, all one needs is a bit of fun... and a climb out of a really deep hole... to connect.
A New Partnership June 20th, 2015 Risi, seeking for a pilot for transfering illicit goods, and less illicit goods, seeks out a smuggler to run goods for her group.
Refusing Sanctuary June 19th, 2015 Taktis approaches the mysterious woman who has been offering Sanctuary to the Justicar remnants.
Bending Light and Shadow: The Archivist June 18th, 2015 Risi and her group approach an old man in order to gain the knowledge required to approach the Smuggler. But to do so, they must strike a deal.
Belasis - The Fourth Tribe (II) June 17th, 2015 The Brotherhood comes to the protection of the Fourth Tribe, and faces off against a great Taung warrior. In a surprising move, Risi steps out and makes her presence known to protect the innocent people of the town - and is forced to weather an enormous onslaught while the rest attack the Taung Juggernaut with all they've got!
Your Past for Your Future June 14th, 2015 Risi enlists Creusa by trading the amnesiac Dathomiri Witch's memories of her past for a future of servitude as a member of the Brotherhood of Darkness.
Belasis - The Fourth Tribe (I) June 12th, 2015 The Brotherhood finds the village of the 'fourth tribe' on Belasis, and attempts to investigate...

However, the are rudely interupted.

Negotiating with the Chiss June 9th, 2015 Risi's Shadow Chaser is followed by someone who has been watching Memelic intently.
Failed Negotiations June 8th, 2015 Risi reaches out to Memelic for information. However, the negotiations fail miserably.
The Battle of Belasis (I) June 8th, 2015 The Jedi and Brotherhood meet up in order to discuss how to best 'defend' this planet.
Bounty: Reylis Vers June 5th, 2015 Rynn, Risi and Vytha finally hunt down a truly troublesome bounty prey!
Bending Light and Shadow: Visions June 3rd, 2015 Risi is given a vision that guides her back on her path to gain the weapon bound to her spirit.
Bending Light and Shadow: The Dealer June 3rd, 2015 Risi uses Navi in order to try and get what she wants from the man known as Garrin. But what she finds instead is... even more.
You Think You're Tough? June 2nd, 2015 Chizk the Hutt has people fight against his collection of beasts and monsters within his private Arena!
The Empire is a Gray Mass May 29th, 2015 What happens when people who hate the Empire get together...?
A Communique May 28th, 2015 Risi attempts to reach out to the Jedi in order to speak of the Taung issue, and the tension between Jedi and what remains of the Brotherhood of Darkness.
Bounty: Ganio Malogaan May 26th, 2015 Risi and Rynn hunt down a high paying bounty in Nar Shaddaa.

"I thought he was the reasonable one!"

It's just a flesh wound May 25th, 2015 A small subset of the Brotherhood crew arrives to assist Sheridan on his exploration of a warehouse... and find a unique being within.
Agents of the Metropolis (III) May 20th, 2015 The Jedi arrive on Scipio shortly after the Agents of Ossus' report of two of their members being under the threat of Justicar discovery.
Droid and Repulsor-Lift Shenanigans May 12th, 2015 A failed repulsor-cart leads to droid shenanigans at the spaceport.
Control the Anger April 27th, 2015 After an earlier suggestion, Risi engages Rynn in a spar at the secret 'Brotherhood' base of Dar'Kurr on Arorua - while discussing Risi's own little... issues.
Dredging through Ord Radama April 25th, 2015 Risi comes to Ord Radama in search of two Phindar escapees.
Strange Customers April 24th, 2015 Skritt encounters one very unusual customer.
Familiar Faces at the Spaceport April 24th, 2015 Conversation about Nar Shaddaa takes a twist when a familiar face shows up.
Hunted April 21st, 2015 Risi drops Aislinn off on the planet Harradin in order to get Aislinn to try and get a proper 'idea' of the statement that the spirits are in all living things. But her travels don't go as well as planned...
Gaining Popularity April 19th, 2015 Dusk is always thrumming with life - and today, if attracts even more unique personae.
Wedding Crash April 12th, 2015 On the day of Uanun's 'third wedding', the husband strangely does not show up. The reasons... are devastating.
Wedding Planning April 11th, 2015 Uanun'Veru and her husband Graal'Veru come to Dusk and inquire about using it as a possible wedding location.
Painful Purchase April 7th, 2015 Risi makes an expensive purchase - and learns the hard way that not everyone likes having their minds read.
Initiating Conversation April 6th, 2015 Risi finally reaches out to Rynn in order to make him a true member of the Brotherhood of Darkness - and gives Navi a task.
And so it Begins March 30th, 2015 Risi speaks to Navi, Vytha and Rynn about what is about to come.
Dusk: Grand Opening March 28th, 2015 The grand opening of the mysterious nightclub 'Dusk'.
The Dark Hour III March 14th, 2015 Risi calls a meet for the Brotherhood discussing the holocron found within Dar'Kurr and the future of the Brotherhood.
Empire Strikes Back March 12th, 2015 Resistance forces have been able to effectively ambush Imperial patrols in the lower sections of Nar Shaddaa. With the recent presence of additional fire power, the Empire has prepared an experienced patrol group to thwart future ambushes. The patrol will be clearing out one of the harshest areas in the lower levels.
Risi In Captivity (II) March 4th, 2015 Risi continues to get questioned about things she really has no idea about.
Risi In Captivity (I) March 2nd, 2015 Risi doesn't do well in captivity. Memelic breaks the monotony of captivity with some good news.
Demand without Options February 27th, 2015 Mae draws Risi to the Justicar Enclave and lures her into a demand.
Too Close for Comfort February 27th, 2015 Aria asks permission from Risi for a bit of Navi's time, and the witch ends up a bit too close for comfort. Luckily, Navi comes to her rescue.
The Cat and the Birdkeeper February 25th, 2015 The spirits draw people together in mysterious ways.
In Transit February 24th, 2015 Risi, Raze and Rynn pass eachother by in transit.
Brotherhood Connections February 21st, 2015 Risi gets a better feel for the relationship between the Justicars and the Brotherhood.
First Non-Contact February 20th, 2015 Imperial explorers have discovered a verdant world. The Empire goes to explore.
Neon Orange Drank February 16th, 2015 Social time
Soup-man February 14th, 2015 Risi meets up with a rather... unique individual.
And All The Devils Are Here February 13th, 2015 Part two of the Karvoss II plot. (Hell is Empty)
A-Bit-Too Friendly Conversation February 11th, 2015 Navi meets Aria again after the events on Naar Shaddaa, and gets a little too close for comfort for the young Jedi.
Return to Dathomir: Stand Trial February 10th, 2015 Risi finally returns to the planet of Dathomir, in order to take responsibility for actions she took upon leaving. Now, she and her friends will suffer for her selfish decisions.

This day will forever change Risi's fate.

Don't Be Alone February 9th, 2015 Risi has an encounter with Ginn in order to talk about recent events.
Once Upon A Time: Terminus February 9th, 2015 Many years ago, when Risi was still a young woman on Dathomir... she once saved a life.
Hell is Empty February 6th, 2015 A Justicar campaign to the planet of Karvoss II in order to investigate the accusations that the Force-based tradition known as the Matukai has allied with the remains of the Jedi Order. Stormtroopers and Navy support have been given to the Head Emissary Elayne Teren, though the Head Emissary seems to believe that diplomacy is all that is required for the Karvossian people to give up the Matukai without hostility...
Visions of Light February 5th, 2015 The spirits give Risi another strange vision of a future that _could_ be.
Until Death Does Us Part February 4th, 2015 Risi awakens to Koy'idura still being there. Trying to cheer her up and putting her mind at ease, the witch proceeds to hang with her and Navi. But between the rift that has formed between Koyi and Risi already, the witch's selfish behavior, and Vytha's arrival...

Dark clouds loom over this day. One that will change Risi's life forever.

Sorrowful Meeting February 3rd, 2015 Risi and Koy'idura finally get to reunite. But so much has happened... and a rift has formed.
Easy Prey February 2nd, 2015 A couple of troublemakers are in over their heads.
Inquisitive Nature February 1st, 2015 Risi meets the High Inquisitor within the Crimson Halls.
A Fearful Heart February 1st, 2015 Risi dreams once more through the spirits, and is given a foul vision of the future.
Wisdom in an Alley January 27th, 2015 Risi buries the hatchet with Viscera.
Caring for the Witch January 27th, 2015 After the terrifying and heart-wrenching emotions and deeds surrounding Aerdryn's initiation, Vytha and Risi have a heart to heart talk. (Warning: sappiness)
Liasons of Light and Dark January 27th, 2015 Risi finally meets up with the new Justicar Liason. To her amusement, it is the very one she suggested that Mae would send.
Inducting Aerdryn January 25th, 2015 The Brotherhood moves to initiate Aerdryn. For complex reasons, Risi asks Vytha to come with her and Aerdryn. The result is a tense time. Tears fall, betrayal is felt... will anything ever be the same again?
Hoth Treasures January 23rd, 2015 Jowryyhn leads a party to steal the scales of a 'Dragon'.
Powerless, but Loved January 22nd, 2015 Risi continues to struggle with her sense of powerlessness when it comes to Ember. But as darkness threatens to overcome Risi, she gets much needed advice and comfort from Navi and Vytha.
Of Slaves and Business January 22nd, 2015 Risi meets up with Jowryyhn by chance, and gets a joboffer.
Brotherhood Meeting: Vessels and Darkness January 19th, 2015 The Brotherhood has a small meeting regarding the vessel that recently arrived near Nar Shaddaa, and the CNS.
Meeting The Lizard January 19th, 2015 The Brotherhood is approached by a man named Tolssk.
At the Abyss Once More January 15th, 2015 A grudge comes to a bad climax.
Interrupted Training January 14th, 2015 Risi takes a moment to learn from Vytha, in being shown a disabling technique rather than a killing one.
Into The Breach II January 7th, 2015 Self-styled Lord Sor Esue is (still) making a power play in the far reaches, beyond Hutt Space. As he has no formal military of his own, he is contracting personnel that are of a more combat oriented ilk to provide the muscle for his opening moves, this time providing external security at a small warehouse.
Discovery, Demands, and Guilt January 6th, 2015 The Dark Brotherhood convenes within the meditation hall in an attempt to find Neena and Risi's way to their personal lightsabers. However, the presence of the young man Thomas drives a deep darkness into the room.
Dark Spirits January 5th, 2015 The Dark Brotherhood visits Korriban in order to gain more knowledge of the Sith.
Into the Breach January 4th, 2015 Lord Sor Esue's lacky draws people in to 'clear out' a building.
Impatience January 3rd, 2015 Risi and Ginn have a short talk before their planned trip to Korriban.
Slaving Away At a Deal January 2nd, 2015 Reu and Viscera find out just what a bitch Risi can be to people who piss her off. Yet still she manages to get paid for a job.
Melanistic Wookiee January 2nd, 2015 Risi meets up with Jowryyhn and his 'helper'.
Liason at the Treshold of Darkness January 1st, 2015 Arkhel Juul and Mae Vertias meet on Coruscant to speak of the relationship between the Justicar and the Brotherhood. It would appear a tense negotiation is at hand, but Arkhel brought a secret weapon...

(( Backscened before the Coruscant rebellion event ))

The Future of the Brotherhood December 30th, 2014 Risi wishes for more answers, and tries to receive those from her master.
A Game of Chance December 29th, 2014 The Brotherhood plays a game of chance.

No really...

Just gambling at a casino.

A New Way December 20th, 2014 After Neena has brought Ginn to the Dark Ascension, Risi and Neena speak to him about his 'future'.
Madness December 19th, 2014 Madness.
The Second Trial December 17th, 2014 Though both Risi and Aayla doubt its validity, Aayla is given a second Trial.
Artifact Knowledge (II) December 17th, 2014 Risi and Neena discuss the Hunt, the past, the future, and the Brotherhood.
Artifact Knowledge December 16th, 2014 Risi meets up with a long forgotten Sister with whom she used to spend her younger days. Neena's own curiosity and desire to fulfill her life-long search gets the better of her...

But at what cost?

The First Trial December 13th, 2014 Aayla is given her first trial by the Brotherhood, after her capture.
Negotiations with the Enemy December 12th, 2014 Koy'idura meets up again with a Mercenary she met before -- and unknowingly tries to negotiate with... well... her target.
Horizon December 11th, 2014 Risi and Arkhel converse about the death of the child, Aayla, and Risi's Hunt.
Fear Calls December 11th, 2014 Risi, following the 'spirits', chases the fearful 'unknown' named Thomas into an alley - and comes to find out why she had this meeting.
Illumination December 9th, 2014 Risi meets with Ladek, and questions him about some rather personal details.
A Shimmer of Light December 8th, 2014 Risi is to be taught of the Light side.
Insult December 8th, 2014 Risi tries to get Ginn to realize his true potential.
Words of Light December 8th, 2014 Risi interacts with Aayla for the first time in a proper manner.
Weakness December 3rd, 2014 On a short trip to Nar Shaddaa, Risi encounters a small group of 'people of interest'.
The Jedi who Came December 2nd, 2014 Aayla Secura has been called to save the children, she was invited by the brotherhood to come and have a conversation
Themis Underground November 26th, 2014 Arkhel and the gang meet up in Themis to discuss the future.
Saving Grace November 25th, 2014 Zex Xorinthian invites people to donate to the cause of taking care of the Orphans on Nar Shaddaa.
Cat and Mouse November 25th, 2014 The Cat and the Mouse talk. But which one is the cat, and which one is the mouse?
Inducting Cocoa November 23rd, 2014 Cocoa is taken to the Korriban Cave to be inducted into the Brotherhood, little does she know what is about to happen to her
Brotherhood Artifact Grab November 15th, 2014 Brotherhood, Justicars and Jedi face off on Nar Shaddaa - as the Brotherhood seek an Artifact.
Silken Major (Part 2) November 9th, 2014 The Empire arrives to the outer rim system of Silken
Celebration of Peace November 7th, 2014 As the conclusion of a season long celebration of peace on Mandalore, the Duchess Satine Kryze holds a masquerade.
Silken Major (Part 1) November 5th, 2014 Empire arrives to the outer rim system of Silken. Some of the natives get uppity.


Mission Failure? June 25th, 2015 The Jedi and Brotherhood flee the planet before the Taung can finish the destruction of the planet... bringing with them, the hopes and the dreams of the First. Their Children. But can Zonoma Sekot truly be destroyed?
The Memories We Leave Behind June 25th, 2015 The last moments of leaving Belasis... as witnessed by Risi.
Preparing for Sanctuary June 18th, 2015 In response to the Justicar 'purge', Risi calls in Navi to help her with posting to the DarkNet, along with some advise on how to go about it.
A Pyre February 5th, 2015 Carrying a great shame, and a deep scar in her heart, Risi collects the perished body of Koy'idura and brings her to a funeral pyre on Ryloth.
Foundations December 3rd, 2014 Something bothers the Dathomir Witch.
Sharp Pains November 19th, 2014 The Force grants a vision of the future...
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