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On this game, we use all of the Star Wars: SAGA Edition sourcebooks.

  • We do not use the Unleashed specials.
  • We do not use the Backgrounds rule; We use Destinies.
  • We have some homebrew talents, classes, etc.
  • All of the system is documented in +sinfo.

Helpful Links

  • Combat and Skill Overview: here
    • Contains all of the common actions, rules, etc that a GM might need on the fly.

Helpful Notes

  • We use a 32 Point Buy. After the Apply phase, you get two random rolls. Make sure to look at those.
  • Take note of +help Alternate XP! It's something to keep in mind while building out your character. Note that they can't be used for any pre-reqs.
  • You can use +reserve clone to simulate the path of advancement of your character.
  • Alternatively, you can use this excel sheet to do the same.

Quick Notes

  • As a d20 system, it adds d20 to skill checks and accuracy rolls and the like. Damage has its own dice.
  • Defense stats are flat values that rise with your Heroic Levels, your Class Bonuses, and other feats.
  • There are Feats, there are Talent Trees, and there are Talents.
    • Talent Trees are groupings of talents given access to by a class.
    • Talents are generally more powerful than a feat, and give unique abilities.
    • Feats are more common abilities. They are broken down into...
      • Class Feats, feats that your (non prestige) Class can pick at an Even Class Level.
      • Standard Feats, feats that you can pick at level 1, 3, 6, 9, 12. They give access to all feats across the board.
        • Important Standard Feats: Force Training, Force Regimen, Starship Tactics

Ability Scores

There are 6 Ability Scores

  • Strength defines melee damage and accuracy, and carry weight. Can define your Fortitude Defense with the Resilient Strength feat.
    • Important for Melee combat
  • Dexterity defines your ability to evade attacks in the form of Reflex Defense. It defines ranged weapon accuracy. With weapon finesse, it can be melee weapon accuracy. With Ataru or Master of Elegance, it can be melee damage for some weapons.
    • Important for general combat and Ranged Weapon users. Important for Lightsaber users if they wish to use Ataru and Weapon Finesse, or Melee Duelists.
    • For low DEX characters, Armor Proficiencies and the Soldier talents: Armored Defense and Improved Armor Defense can aid.
  • Constitution defines your Fortitude Defense and Damage Treshold, as well as your Retro-active HP Bonus per level.
    • Semi Important for characters who might see combat.
  • Intelligence defines your amount of skills, and the bonus to many intelligence based skills. It can also replace your Reflex Defense bonus instead of DEX with Predictive Defense.
    • Important for intelligent characters, Tech Specialists, Superior Tech Specialists, and Medics.
  • Wisdom defines your Will Defense, and the amount of Force Powers, Starship Maneuvers, and Force Regimens you get for their applicable feats.
    • Important for 'Force Wizards' and moderately important for Jedi in general.
  • Charisma is the most important skill for Force Users. It can define your Will Defense with the Force of Personality feat.
    • Important for Jedi and Charismatic characters.
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