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A History Lesson

Do you have a craving to know what happened 400 years ago? Who rebelled against whom? You're in the right place!

Pre-Game History is a brief timeline of significant events leading up to the start of our game. Please remember that, while we are primarily canon up to this point, things may deviate to suit our intended story.

Years are denoted according to the Great ReSynchronization (GrS) and the Imperial Star Year (ISY).

OOC Note: This is the public knowledge of history, and the accuracy of public knowledge can often be called into question.

Timeline of Events

20 BGrS - 9 GrS (Pre-Game History)

20 - 11 BGrS10 - 1 BGrS0 - 9 GrS10 - 13 GrS

14 - 17 GrS (Game History)

14 GrS15 GrS16 GrS17 GrS18 GrS19 GrS20 GrS21 GrS22 GrS23 GrS

 Legislation factionLegislation dateLegislation characterLegislation bbpostLegislation Status
Familial VettingOuter Rim Republic6 April 1016Undisclosed-Passed
Imperial Bill of RightsGalactic Empire4 February 2016Maltorus2Passed
The Blue ConcordantOuter Rim Republic5 February 2016Black1Rejected
Alien Immigration ActOuter Rim Republic5 February 2016Black2Passed
Republic Security ActOuter Rim Republic5 February 2016Black3Pending
CSA TreatyOuter Rim Republic24 March 2016Withheld7Rejected
Republic Knight AmendmentOuter Rim Republic2 October 2016Black4Rejected
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